Author: Jonathan Brett

  • RAVE model

    This was a major rethink about a suitable business model created with the aim of hitting four primary targets relating to Revenue, Access, Volume of sales and Engagement.

  • Finding the real magic

    for those who are passionate about music, it would surely be a person who can stand in front of musicians, move in a manner he or she intuitively feels to be right and in so doing stimulate the creation of sounds of breathtaking magic through connecting both musicians and audience with the deepest expression of musical…

  • A sound connection

    …in order to manage any one moment effectively, a conductor needs a strong connection to all of the musical material all of the time.

  • Five Golden Rules

    The key rules underlining effective conducting.

  • A model for creative growth

    For years I have kept a copy of The Emperor’s New Clothes beside my bed. I don’t look at it very often but it is there to remind me of the danger of failing to see something which should be blindingly obvious.